Since it was first published in 2005, the publication has been established as the premier resource for technology industry information. It is distributed to decision makers, as well as students, parents and educators. It will also be distributed with the Greater North Dakota Chamber’s 2023 Winter Business Report in January 2023.

GNDC’s 2023 Winter Business Report will be sent to more than 2,300 GNDC members and decision-makers, distributed at GNDC events, and read electronically. The publication specializes in the space between government and private business and covers policy topics and others relevant to the North Dakota business.

The guide has become the go-to resource for state policy makers focused on expanding the industry, economic developers looking to attract and expand businesses, industry professionals seeking to attract and retain employees, and secondary and postsecondary educators shaping the future of technology curriculum and advising students. 

TechND would like to thank all the sponsors of the publication (shown below) and everyone who helped put it together.